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To Do List - Prepare Yourself To Publish
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To Do List - Prepare Yourself To Publish
1) Select your purchase price (if applicable)
Pricing is selectable from .99 to $50.99 using Wordy Item G10.

2) Write a short description.
The short description is used to market your ebook. It is found at
the top of the table of contents, on the main page. The short
description should compel people to read your book. There is
space to fit around 100 words. Short descriptions can have
hyperlinks to reviews and other content that may compel a client
to purchase.

3) Order and organize artwork.
Images are inserted into your ebook using a line of text that you
add to the manuscript. Find instructions here. As soon a you finish
a rough draft you can place an image order for your book, then
when you are finished editing, your image package could be well
on it's way to also being completed.

4) Build or order a cover image.
Using large bold type over a quality image or graphic looks the
best. Stay away from using a lot of different font faces or
different font colors. Limit your elements to 1) A high resolution
image 2) The title 3) The author name 4) Possibly a short text

5) Create a list of phrases for the index.
Phrases can be up to 7 words long. These phrases MUST be
exactly the same as they appear within the ebook in order to be
found when Wordy builds the index. When you create a file of
phrases to paste into Wordy, each phrase needs to be on it's own
line. For example: type a phase then hit the "Enter" key, type the
next phrase then hit the enter key again, etc...

6) Create a list of keywords.
Used for the books meta data, keywords can also be short
phrases. When creating a list of keywords, they should be in a
comma separated list all on the same line.

7) What genre is the book?
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