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T Series One Column Tablet eBooks
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T Series One Column Tablet eBooks

Designed to display chapter books on tablet and ebook reader
styled devices. The T series covers a wide range of reading skills
with the T120, T124, T130, T134, and T140.

The T134 is what we consider the default for fiction. For youth we
use the T130 as the default choice.

The T series have easy to use button based navigation. The T
series are available with touchscreen swipe navigation (swipe
navigation disables finger pinch zoom and dragging on
touchscreens, so it is only recommended as a special order).

Most of the T Series single column ebook choices have a similar S
Series two column ebook choice.

T120 - Single Column eBook
T120 - Single Column eBook
T120 One Column Ebook
Text Size = 28 Pixels, Line length rating is 32

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