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Styling Your Text - Using Bold, Colors and More
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Styling Your Text - Using Bold, Colors and More
Adding style to your text is an easy process and is determined by
adding a small bit of information that we call a "Style Code".

Each Style Code choice is a pair of characters, a percent sign
followed by a single character. The percent sign and the
immediately following character determine which style will be
used. For example to add bold formatting to a word in your text,
place a %b in front of the word.

Each time that you want to end a style you use the same code,
that code is a percent sign followed by a lower case e. So to end
the bold formatting we would place at the very end of the word,
with no spaces a %e.

Style Codes for Common Text Styles
General text use
Bold %b
Italics %i
Underline %u
Subscript %a
Superscript %z
Larger %l
Smaller %s
Extra Large %x (Caution! extra large text is not measured)
Extra Small %m
Blink %n
Strikethrough %r

Line Indentation
Indent 5 %1
Indent 10 %2
Indent 15 %3
Indent 20 %4
Indent 25 %5
Indent 30 %6
Indent 35 %7
Indent 40 %8
Indent 45 %9

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