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Rules for adding images to your ebook's text
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Rules for adding images to your ebook's text
1) Always place the image code on a line by itself, and this line
should always start with a caret (not a blank space).

2) Media always gets placed at the exact location, unless there is
not room for standard sized media at the bottom of a column.
When this happens the image is placed at the top of the next

3) Media can be placed in the middle of a paragraph. Best
practice is to place media between sentences on its own line,
removing any extra spaces at the end of sentences. Also you may
place media after a comma, on its own line with the following
portion of a sentence following the comma on the line directly
following the image code.

4) By default there is One blank line that is placed before every
image, following the image is one caption line with reduced size
text compared to the main text size.

5) When placing between paragraphs, think of the entire line of
image code as disappearing, in other words don't place the image
on a blank line between paragraphs and expect that blank line to
show up in the book. Leave blank lines alone, and enter the image
onto its own blank line closer to the upper paragraph works best.

6) For multiple images in a book, you would name the images in
a sequence, for example. The correct default image name for the
first .jpg image in your ebook would be "image0001.jpg", followed
by the next images named, image0002.jpg, image0003.jpg and so
on incrementing each image name by one, keeping the names in
the same order that they appear in the book.

7) The default letter portion of the image name is "image" which
is followed by the numeric (0001) part of the name which always
has 4 digits, and the last part of an image name is the extension
which determines the type of image.

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