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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
Rules And Reserved Words
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Rules And Reserved Words
There are characters that we use in the production process that
cannot be used within the text of your books, these rules apply to
version 2015 (V15).

1) Cannot contain the ~ tilde symbol, ^ caret symbol, %
percent sign must be followed by a space, # sharps symbol not
followed by letters. There is a way to get around this restrictions
by using alternative characters and then doing a search and
replace after the ebook is produced. This is mentioned in the
chapter "How To Format Your Text" under the heading "A
Manuscript Checklist - item 1".

2) There cannot be an extended quantity of characters that is
longer than the fixed line length without spaces, such as 60
underscore characters in a row when the line length is measured
to 48. Each individual line count is output directly following each
lines text, on the "Readable Javascript" files. It is white text that
blends with the background of most default pages, so to view it
you must select the text. You can add full line sequences of a
measured quantity of text, for example underscores to create
multiple blank lines in a form, by adding a measured quantity then
a space for the line to break at.

3) You cannot accurately measure line lengths by counting the
individual characters. For example one capital W takes nearly the
same space as multiple lower case i's (W iiii).

4) You cannot use pairs of less than < and greater than symbols
>. Less than symbols are replaced with a "%-" combination in the
Readable Javascript files, to preserve the hyperlinks code when
copy and pasting the file.

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