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Relationship Status For User Messages
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Relationship Status For User Messages
For each set of messages, the book descriptive and good message
lists, we have created an additional full set with a short "by line"
that personalizes the message.

You can pick and choose the personalized messages that have the
relationship status between the person that you plan to gift the
library to, or you can also order sets with your actual name on

Personalized messages deliver a more powerful meaning each time
that the recipient reads the message.

For Example
You purchase a library as a gift to your grandkids, you put some
good messages on it with "Your Grandma" on a few books. Next
your talking to your friend and decide to give him a copy of your
library. You make a copy of the files and change the "Your
Grandma" messages to "Your Friend" messages and now the
messages are from the recipients friend instead of the grandchild's

This is changeable personalization by relationship, a valuable
feature that works great for gifting books to friends or relatives.

The smaller library that you purchase, the less books that your
friends get :(
By Line List or Relationship List

Your 2nd Cousin
Your 3rd Cousin
Your Associate
Your Associates
Your Aunt
Your Best Friend
Your Boy
Your Boyfriend
Your Brother
Your Buddy
Your Children
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