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Personalized And Duplicated Ebooks
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Personalized And Duplicated Ebooks

Using Admosion you can create and resell personalized ebooks,
and personalized elibraries for your clients.

During Admosion's publishing process a single ebook can be
personalized or you can build a personalized mini-library of linked
ebooks at the same time.

All of your ebooks published at Admosion can have a unique
message that you can create.

Admosion ebooks use a single line of text that we call the
"Message Line". The locations that get personalized using a
"Message Line" are: 1) near the top of the table of contents page,
and 2) at the bottom of content pages.

Example of a personalized 4 book mini-library
Click to sample:  I Love You From Me.

Duplicated Elibraries

The personalized 4 book mini-library is duplicated 16 times, each
time using a unique message. The four ebooks, Pinnochio, The
Jungle Book, The Story of Doctor Dolittle, and The Wonderful
Wizard of OZ are each re-created with a unique message included.

The chapter graphics are also personalized using choices from the
"Healthy Messages" set. A mother, father, grandma, or grandpa
could purchase and gift a single ebook or elibray to one or more
family members.

4 different libraries for mothers to gift to thier families
Click to sample:  Mother knows best.
Click to sample:  I love You, From Your Mother.
Click to sample:  Your Special! From Your Mother.
Click to sample:  I'm So Proud Of You! From Your

4 different libraries for fathers to gift to thier families
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