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Page Navigation Types Available
Every ebook has a table of contents with a list of headings which
are hyperlinked to the first page of every section or chapter. On
the right side of the table of contents, there is a link to every
page within each section or chapter.
No matter which navigation choice that you may use, the links to
every page from the main page are displayed on the Table of

The navigation type selector used in Wordy chooses the navigation
buttons that are used on individual content pages within the book.

Navigation Types define which navigation buttons are on the
individual pages created within each section of a book.

The choices are:
1) Next, Prev., Contents (standard for fiction)
2) Next, Prev., Contents, Library (standard for linked libraries)
3) Next, Contents (keep user from using prev. page button)
4) Next, Contents, Library (no prev. page button within a library)
5) No Navigation Buttons (use browser's back button)
6) Next Button Only (require user to follow a path)
7) Prev. Button Only (navigate backwards only)

The navigation button options change how the digital content can
be used.
Examples of different uses can vary widely, here we will list a
couple of examples of reasons why specific navigation types may
be used.
The back to library button - Fast library navigation
This button is linked to a default file named "index.html". The
location of the "index.html" file would be in the folder that
contained the current ebook, also referred to as one level up.
When you include this button, your book is part of a multi-ebook
library where you want individual page navigation to directly
access the library index. An alternative use of this button is to
place a custom graphic on it and have the target be a webpage
on your website, similar to the buttons currently on this ebook.

Note: The standard graphic package currently comes with a
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