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Introduction To A Digital Reading Platform
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that each word in the text document is used.

Adding Images or Media To Your Content
Images are added to the text document, by the documents author,
using a single line of text.

Including Additional Information
There is a place below the Table Of Contents where "Supporting
Information" can be included. Self promotion and related
information is the intended use.

Personalizing Your Content
There is a single line of text that is customizable. You can have a
list of single lines of text, with each being produced on its own
copy of the content. This is called Duplication, and is used to
personalize content for students, employees, businesses,
associations, locations, or just a catch phrase related to the

There are standard images in specific places that can be replaced
by customized images, instantly personalizing the content for a
specific chapter, and/or page of your authored text document. We
have extensive libraries that are made available to our affiliates.

Types of Direct Output That Wordy Creates
There is a Proofread Version, and Media Order Version with lists of
images, including names, types, sizes, and location within the
book. This also includes full context, and a sample contract to
facilitate illustrators and designers hired to produce graphical
related content.

Building Linked Groups of Ebooks
There is a simple way to combine multiple source text documents
into a single "Mini library" that is completely interlinked. This can
be achieved at first production or at any time later. Used for
grouping related information, or providing higher value products
for resellers. When royalties are involved with multiple content
owners, splits would be by fixed percentage of the included group.

Using Wordy The Ebook Builder
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