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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
Introduction To A Digital Reading Platform
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Introduction To A Digital Reading Platform

What The Platform Does For You
The platform converts a single plain text document into an HTML

The ebook has sections (or chapters) with individually numbered

There is a Table Of Contents that contains links to each section
and every page.

The format of the ebook is HTML and is viewable using a web

The ebooks are read and stored locally on your own computer.

The ebooks can also be uploaded and used as a informational
website online.
Admosion provides affordable shared hosting services ($4.99
monthly), or virtual private server hosting ($9.99 monthly) for your
content online.

Single books can be published with other single ebooks into linked

To make it easy for people to store and view these ebooks, we
provide a container that stores and links the ebooks together.

Introducing Features
Navigation Features
Each page has built-in links for navigation to the next or previous
page, and a link to the Table Of Contents. There is also a smaller
area for swipe page turns. There are also keyboard shortcuts for
turning pages, specific to web browsers.

There is a Table Of Contents with links to sections and every

There is a full text index that provides page links for each time
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