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Hyperlinks On Admosion Ebooks
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Hyperlinks On Admosion Ebooks

Hyperlinks are the way to get around in today's digital world.
Admosion ebooks provide support for hyperlinks so that your
writing takes your support links with it, everywhere.

Hyperlinks can be included in several areas, including:
• Your eBook's Body Text
• Short Description
• Image Captions
• Support Zone Items
• Message Line
• Copyright
• Author Name
• Editor Name
• Illustrator Name
• Agent Name

Outdated hyperlinks
Processes are repeatable at Admosion.
Update to current and correct hyperlinks by re-publishing with
amended information.

Best Advice About Using Hyperlinks
1) Use stable links
2) Fewer can be nicer
3) Links used can be added to a maintenance list

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