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How We Use Background Graphics
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How We Use Background Graphics
Background Graphics are initially categorized as "Odd" or "Even"
because the border graphics are placed to show a slight horizontal
movement when pages are turned. If you want a background
graphic for page 4, then choose the even or farther left
background graphic.
For page 3, choose "Odd" or farther right background graphic.

Background graphics are used in a sequence of six images, one
for each consecutive html page. Each book has a set of six default
background graphics.

When we change a single background graphic, that edited
background graphic shows up on every sixth page of your book.

Embedding Text Into A Backgrond Graphic

Each books background graphic set can be customized or replaced
with a near identical set that has been personalized for an
individual, local business or association.

Create or purchase personalized background graphic sets!

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