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How To Format Your Text
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The third line is the next chapters title called "Chapter 3 - The
fight under the bridge". The Table of Contents would also display
the same chapter title, and it would be linked to this exact spot in
your book.

Blank Lines Instead Of First Line Indents
We do not use hyphenation, justification, and prefer not to use
first line indents.

We prefer to use:
A blank line between paragraphs instead of a first line indent.

The above rules help produce a true flush left, ragged right
alignment. The blank lines between paragraphs create whitespace
within each page of text, which makes it much easier to read.

Working with your manuscript
Search the manuscript for reserved characters
You need to know if your manuscript contains reserved characters
like ~ % ^ # <. If it does have any of these, they must be
(temporarily) replaced during the creation of your ebook, then put
back in after the book is built. We use search and replace to do
this, and following are some quick suggestions as to what to use
as replacements for each symbol. "T8" for tilde, "P8" for percent
sign, "C8" for caret, "S8" for sharps, "L8" for less than symbol.
Before using a replacement like "T8" for a tilde, you should search
and make sure that "T8" is not already used within your

How to remove tabs at paragraph beginnings
Perform a "Find and Replace" with a tab in the "Find" and nothing
in the "Replace". This procedure will also replace every other tab
that is within the document, you may want to manually remove
the tabs instead of using the "Find and Replace" method. We
prefer flush left, ragged right text.

How to insert a single line between paragraphs
Open the manuscript in a text editor, we use Wordpad. Check and
be sure that Word wrap features are OFF. Each paragraph will be
one single long line. This is easily done by placing your cursor at
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