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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
How To Format Your Text
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How To Format Your Text
First make a copy of your manuscript. You will make a few
changes to one specific manuscript and copy, into Wordy item D1.
Next you will be making some minor changes to the manuscript
used for Wordy.

Naming Sections or Chapters
Wordy creates a complete table of contents for your ebook with
links to all chapters and pages. Admosion ebooks display the table
of contents to attract interest in your book. It is important to
name each section or chapter with an attractive title. "Chapter 1"
would not interest a reader like "Jenny Crashes The Car" would.
Think verbs and action, or unanswered questions.

Marking Sections Or Chapters In The Manuscript
The manuscript that you enter into Wordy does not include extra
information like, title, author, etc... Supporting information is
entered directly into specific text areas on Wordy.
The first line of your manuscript should be your first section or
chapter's heading. Followed by a blank line, then the first chapters

For every other chapter, besides the first one, you must mark
where they start in your manuscript with the symbol called a tilde
"~". There are no spaces before or after the tilde, which is
always by itself, on its own line, immediately preceding each
chapter heading.

Your job is to place a tilde on a line by itself directly pre-ceeding
each Chapter Heading.
For Example:
Using Wordy to process the next three lines of an ebook's
this is the end of chapter 2.
Chapter 3 - The fight under the bridge

The first line is the end of the previous chapter.
The second line has a tilde by itself to mark the beginning of the
next chapter.
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