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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
How To Add Photos, Graphics, and Media
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How To Add Photos, Graphics, and Media

To add an image to your ebook
Insert a short line of text, made up of image information, into
your book's manuscript.
A sample of the image information that is required to display a
.jpg image is:

^1:1200:1600:Our Best Family Portrait

What does the line of text mean?
The caret (^) signals to add media.
The number 1 determines the media type (1 is for .jpg).
The number 1200 is the height of the media.
The number 1600 is the width of the media.
The text following is the caption.
The colons (:) separate each piece of data.

The previous sample of image information places a .jpg image
with a caption. (shown below)

Our Best Family Portrait
Our Best Family Portrait
The line of text with the image information should be by itself on
its own line. Always place the line of image information before
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