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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
Hanging or Stranded Words
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It is a good idea to save a copy of your manuscript, and include
the layout name as part of the file name before using this

How to choose which line to extend
You must place the #y, s or x at the very end of a line that
actually has more text that is wrapped onto the next line.
We don't want to extend a line that may already contain it's full
width of characters. It is a better idea to extend a line where the
next word almost fit, but did not.

Using the readable javascript file created using Wordy, in the
"Book Pages" section, there is information about each line of text.
The information has a text color of white, so it is not immediately
visible. Select the text for the page that contains the lines that
you have to choose from.
Now we can see that each line:
- is enclosed in double quotation marks
- followed by a comma
- then two forward slashes
- then that line's measurement and the next lines first word's
measurement in parenthesis
- followed by a page line number and book line number.

We are going to use the current line's measurement and first
word on the next line measurement that are enclosed in

For a single word adjustment
Start at the bottom of the page if you need a single word to be
adjusted to the previous page.

For multiple word adjustments
Start at the top of the page, and make one adjustment, then
reprocess using wordy, analyze the new script and make the next
adjustment on a lower line than the previous. reprocess using
wordy, analyze, reprocess, etc...
Each adjustment affects all of the following text, so if you need to
make multiple adjustments. Work from the top to the bottom of
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