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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
Full Text Index On Admosion Ebooks
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Full Text Index On Admosion Ebooks

A full text index of every word in your book, with a link to each
page where the word exists.

The index can also include phrase matches for up to seven word
phrases. You can manually add multi-word entries into your index
from a list of phrases that exist in your book.

We remove your selected single words from the index, at your
request. removed words can still be used within phrases, but will
not appear listed on the index as single words.

To Make A Better Index Using Wordy
Build a list of phrases from the important topics that exist in your
manuscript. Next and add them to Wordy's index phrases box.

To reduce the length of your index page
Build a complete list of single words used in your ebook. Next,
remove the ones that you don't want on your index by adding
them into the minus words list box on Wordy.

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