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Examples For Personalizing Libraries
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Examples For Personalizing Libraries
For Beginner Readers
This Book Belongs to the Next Smartest 3rd Grader in the World!
Smart People Love to Read!
Property of a Future Presidential Candidate!
I Love to Write Stories!
Reading Books Makes School Easy!
Reading Books is Fun!
Helping Others Learn to Read is Fun!

For School Promotion
Donated by the Mission Charter Parent Teacher Association
John Smith, Student of the Week - West End Charter School
Thank You For Supporting West Christian
West Charter School is the Best!
Support Mission Charter School!
From Your English Teacher! John Smith - Keep Reading!
Remember Your Teacher! Mrs. Pike - Keep Reading!
Vote for Wilson! Class President

For Individual Readers
Donated by "Your Name Here"
This Book Belongs to "Your Name"
Property of "Your Name"
To Junior from Grandma and Grandpa James
To My Best Friend! From Sue G. Dec. 5, 2013
In Loving Memory of John R. Smith 1942-2014

For Business Promotion
Donated By "Your Business Name Here" 555 Second St.
Get Your Books at "Green Acres Books" - Books, Cards and
Friendly Service!
We Support Reading! "Green Acres Gifts"

For Charity Promotion
Camden Lions are the Best!
I Support Firemen!
I Donate To Ladies In Uniform!

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