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Enter Your Information Into Wordy The Ebook Builder
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folder as the copy of Wordy The Ebook Builder that you are
entering data into)

The book_1.js file is set up where you can store up to 10 versions
of your ebook, while always publishing the selected copy or
version name that is also stored in the dropdown selector. This is
done by pasting your unique options of output from Wordy into its
own version's area. Create and keep your own records of the
details for each book and version.

Within each book's file, ten areas are marked for versions.
Four examples are displayed below.

case "Book1_version3":
//begin Quick Selector Code for version3

case "Book1_version2":
// begin Quick Selector Code for version2

case "Book1_version1":
// begin Quick Selector Code for version1

case "Book1":
// begin Quick Selector Code for book1

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Step 2

Send your book's "book_1.js" file to Admosion.
Admosion uses your reviewed and corrected dropdown menu
information to create a final HTML version of your book.

You download that version after it has been created.

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