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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
Enter Your Information Into Wordy The Ebook Builder
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It is marked with the begin and and end of Quick Selector Code
for book1.
case "Book1":
// begin Quick Selector Code for book1

// end of Quick Selector Code for book1

break;// end of book1

The filenames for each book’s script file must remain unchanged.
The script files must be located in the same folder as Wordy.

The Detailed Instructions Are Here
1) Locate and open the file called "book_1.js" file.

2) Locate and using a web browser, open the file called

3) complete your book's data entry into Wordy, then press the
"Process The Manuscript" button.

4) At the top right side of wordy there is a section called "Links
To Sections". Click the link called "Output Section", you should go
to the the "All Information From Wordy" box.
"Right Click" into the "All Information From Wordy" box. And
choose "Select All", then right click again and choose "Copy".

5) Next - Paste" the content into the "book_1.js" file that you
located and opened earlier. Then save the "book_1.js" file using
it's same name and location (The location must be in the same
folder as the copy of Wordy The Ebook Builder that you are
entering data into)

The book_1.js file is set up where you can store up to 10 versions
of your ebook, while always publishing the selected copy or
version name that is also stored in the dropdown selector. This is
done by pasting your unique options of output from Wordy into its
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