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Enter Your Information Into Wordy The Ebook Builder
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Enter Your Information Into Wordy The Ebook Builder

The instructions that follow must be completed locally on your
computer using “Wordy” and the related files. That means that
you must first download this link (right
click and choose “save”).

Step 1
Save the download file to your computer.
Next, copy the "" file to your My
Documents folder.
Then extract the compressed files from the .zip file (unzip the
In this next step we locate and open the file named
Wordy_The_Ebook_Builder.html (using a web browser).
Next, open the file named book1.js (using a text editor).
Then enter your book related information into Wordy, when you
are finished, press the red "Process The Manuscript" button near
the top of Wordy.
The final step is to copy and paste our output from Wordy into
the book1.js file, then save the book1.js file.

At this point you would be able to use the dropdown selector near
the top of Wordy to re-populate your ebook data into Wordy's
form fields. You must select book1 from the Quick Book Selector
near the top of Wordy.

Before submitting our work for publishing you must review and
correct errors.

Quick summary of what needs done, followed by "Detailed
1) Make choices using Wordy The Ebook Builder
2) Be prepared to collect and enter the data
3) Process the data into a quick selector
4) Review and fix any errors by correcting them in Wordy, and
re-saving the error free quick selector data.

After Pressing The "Process The Manuscript" Button
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