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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
Chapter Graphics - User Changeable Messages
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Marker Image Locations Displayed As Red Boxes
Marker Image Locations Displayed As Red Boxes
A close look at the previous image would reveal that chapter
graphics are named in a sequence, be careful not to confuse them
with section/chapter names that are also using numeric naming. In
this case the first section is named "INTRODUCTION", and the
corresponding chapter graphic is "Marker1", the following section
is "CHAPTER 1", and it's corresponding chapter graphic is
"Marker2". The results are that numeric chapter names like
Chapter 1, may use a chapter graphic image named
"marker2.png", as is the case in the previous example image.

To place a message on a books table of contents that relates to a
specific chapter, first you need to know the name of the specific
chapter graphic, then you must navigate to the book's folder
where chapter graphics are kept.

1) Open the book's "images" folder
2) Next open the folder named "admoGraphics".

You should see a group of chapter graphic images named
marker1.png, marker2.png, etc... inside of the admoGraphics

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