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Chapter Graphics - User Changeable Messages
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Next the chapter graphic with the message you desire must be
added to the admoGraphics folder for your book.

We provide a large selection of short messages that you can place
at any chapter of any Admosion Ebook

About Preserving Or Reverting To Blank Chapter Graphics
Customizing an ebook using chapter graphics uses a copy/paste
If you copy/paste the blank chapter graphic images that you plan
to replace into the folder named dump, then copy/paste your
chosen chapter graphics into the admoGraphics folder, you can
easily paste the blank chapter graphics back into the
admoGraphics folder to quickly erase any messages on a particular

There are three collections of chapter graphics with messages
available for immediate download:
1) Book descriptive messages (223 messages)
2) Happy or good natured messages (142 messages)
3) Healthy messages (32 messages)

Each collection is produced as a personalized message using
specific relationships that make re-gifting the library to multiple
different people more meaningful by including a byline to indicate
who it is from, such as "Your Mother", or "Your Grandmother" and
many more choices.

Each book's table of contents page has one blank chapter graphic
image that is located to the immediate left of every section or
chapter link in the book. (shown in red below) Markers are named
similar to "chapter1", "chapter2", except that these images are
named "marker1", "marker2", "marker3".

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