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Business Data On Ebooks
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Business Data On Ebooks

Admosion's ebooks are a great asset for businesses!
• The cost to publish and distribute is low.
• Writing and publishing can be done in house.
• Updating and managing the information is simplified.

Distributable Promotional Products
Distributable catalogs with click and purchase products are easy to
build using Wordy.
Hyperlinks to promotions and cross promotions are instantly
Campaigns are quickly built and inserted into reading products.

Supporting Images And Graphics
Supporting images are naturally included in Admosion ebooks.
Integrated graphics are easily customized to your business
Website assets are simple to create using wordy.

High Quality Reading Design
When your business needs to say something online, formatted text
is the best way for people to read. We pay more attention to ease
of reading and reading design than any other digital printers,
ebook producers, etc...

Super Fast Production Time
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