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Adding Hyperlinks To WebPages And Downloads
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Adding Hyperlinks To WebPages And Downloads
The anchor tag must use a lowercase a. See the below example.
a href="">Admosion/a>

Hyperlinks can be included in several areas, including:
• Your manuscript's text (Wordy Item D1)
• Short Description (Wordy Item D5)
• Image Captions
• Support Zone Items (Wordy Items M2-M23)
• Message Line (Wordy Item H1)
• Copyright (Wordy Item F10)
• Author Name (Wordy Item D4)
• Editor Name (Wordy Item F5 and F6)
• Illustrator Name (Wordy Item F7 and F8)
• Agent Name (Wordy Item F12)

Hyperlinks can be used to connect:
• Pages within an ebook
• Pages within a mini-library of ebooks
• Website pages
• Blog articles
• Social networking sites
• Supporting Images
• Downloads
• Purchase Pages
• Anything Online

You can find help on the web by searching for "How to add
hyperlinks to HTML". Every ebook that we produce is alternatively
a set of webpages and images, that can be read using a standard
web browser.

For Other File Types Or Downloads
Any type of file can be linked to using HTML. If a web browser
does not know how to open a specific file type, when you click a
link to it. The web browser will generally prompt you for
instructions on what to do with the file. There a user can choose
to download the file.

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