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About Admosion Ebooks
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Orders are easy to place, and downloadable deliveries are

Operational Impact
Clients become more loyal, because they get more value!
Reading promotions are simple to deploy!
productivity is exciting and creative!

Admosion promotes reading by distributing the technology to
create high quality electronic reading.

Tips For First Introductions
Similar designs are called a series.
Each series can be displayed on any screen size.
Each design in the series has the same outer dimensions.
Series designs represent steps from lower to higher reading skills.

Single column T series have a similar two column S series.

The same ebook can be produced for multiple reading skill levels.
Personalized ebooks help children associate with reading.

Admosion Ebook Features
• Ebooks that are read with web browsers.
• Ebooks that can have direct hyperlinks to resources.
• Ebooks that have an area to promote your business.
• Full text indexing, there are links to everything in the index.
• Permanent page numbers and every page navigation.
• Useable on almost all computers, tablets, and smart phones.
• Personalized with a single line of text and hyperlinks.
• Duplicated using multiple personalized lines of text.
• Books can easily be produced in multiple skill based layouts.
• Books can easily be produced in multiple favorite colors.
• Mini linked libraries are easily produced by publishers.
• Flush left, ragged right lines, the easiest to read line design.
• Zero hyphenation of words, and zero justification of text.
• Ebooks that can link to or display any type of media.

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