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Introduction To Admosion Ebooks
About Admosion Ebooks
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About Admosion Ebooks

Admosion ebooks deliver sales opportunities for businesses.
There are opportunities to customize content for your clients.

There are a variety of optional choices that utilize:

Graphic Related Support
1) Supporting images
2) Background graphics
3) Chapter graphics

Design Options
1) Text size choices
2) Line length choices
3) Physical page size choices
4) Variable navigation button choices
5) Text and background color options
6) Page numbering options (continuous, sectional restart @ page 1)

Promotional needs and opportunities
1) Support zone that can contain promotion, education, graphics,
links and more
2) Single ebook with a single sentence message
3) Linked group of multiple ebooks (mini-library or collection)
4) Linked group of ebooks duplicated using single sentence

Link Related Options
1) Hyperlinks within or outside of the content
2) Links to purchase related works.
3) Links to author, editor, illustrators websites.
4) Links to agent, publisher, book sellers websites.
5) Links to promote related materials, ideas, and events.

Return on Investment
Fast production and personalized reproduction times.
People have more choices and more reasons to purchase from
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